TikTok’s New Shopping Feature: Everything You Need To Know

During the entire lockdown period, I am pretty sure that TikTok has become your best source of entertainment. You are browsing endlessly for hours without realizing it.

A wide range of content is there; from dancing to helpful life hacks, TikTok has them! Aside from that, videos are pretty short, so you won’t get bored quickly. It has become almost everyone’s best friend.

Just recently, TikTok added a new feature: TikTok Shopping! I am sure you noticed the yellow baskets and checkouts you would usually see on online shopping platforms.

The social media site has become the most talked about site. In fact, during the fourth quarter of 2021, TikTok’s user spending on Google Play reached $824. Isn’t that crazy?

But on the one hand, it is not so surprising that the social media site’s new feature has boomed so fast. Considering the vast amount of audience they have, that’s around one billion, TikTok’s shopping already has buyers lined up.

In this article, TikTok’s new shopping feature will be discussed. Everything you must know is here; keep reading so you won’t miss the hype!